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Developed, designed and located in Sydney, Australia; made in an Australian owned factory.
The Flex-A-Tee®️ is a raglan sleeve tshirt, using press studs to open across both shoulders and down the arms, reversible (front to back), with no seam under the arms (from armpit to elbow).

What is a raglan sleeve?
A raglan sleeve shirt allows the sleeve to fall freely across the shoulder - the seam runs diagonally from the armpit to the collarbone rather than around the top of the arm at the shoulder. 

Why reversible?
Some wearers may find it easier to access the press studs facing forwards and others may prefer them facing back. Never again that age-old problem of putting your tshirt on back-to-front!

Why are both sides openable?
Removing the decision of whether the left or right side needs the easy access. The expanded neckline is, in most cases, then wide enough allowing the Flex-A-Tee®️ to be brought down over the shoulders or up over the hips before the sleeves are done up. All without the need for the wearer to raise their arms. 

Who can wear this?
Everyone! In consultation with a variety of wearers, carers, medical professionals, and designers, the Flex-A-Tee®️ is particularly designed for those who may find it difficult to raise or bend their arm(s), or someone who doesn’t enjoy having a tshirt pulled over their head.

Styles & Colours
At the moment, we are keeping it simple with one style for all, a design that's intended to be worn loose and colours of black and natural (other colours are planned).

Australia wide - the cost of shipping is included.
Internationally - when the Flex-A-Tee®️ is bought in multiples of three the cost of shipping is included.  If further clarification is required please email us Contact Us    
Wherever possible orders are packed in Heropack compostable mailing bags and sent via Australia Post (carbon neutral).
All prices are in Australian Dollars and include 10% GST.  No added credit card fees.  Orders are shipped once payment has been received in full.

Care & Maintenance
We recommend following the care instructions on the garment you have purchased; and close the sleeve press stud opening before washing.
The 100% cotton fabric is washed and dried (pre-shrunk) prior to the Flex-A-Tee’s manufacture; shrinkage when your purchased garment is washed and dried will be minimal.

Your Feedback is welcome - please contact us via the Contact Us page, via email at or at the postal address below.

For more information please contact us by e‑mail at or by mail at the following address:
Care and Style Pty Ltd
PO Box 4056
Castlecrag NSW 2068