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Flex-A-Tee®️ offers wearers easily accessible, comfortable, quality, 100% soft cotton, adaptable clothes.

The unique design of the Flex-A-Tee®️ means the t-shirt is suitable for a wide range of wearers including (but not limited to): post surgery (sometimes known as medi-wear), restricted range of movement, easy accessibility for breastfeeding, comfortable elderly clothing,  during chemotherapy, sensory issues, the ability to change clothing without dislodging a cannula, and ease of  dressing for carers.

There are limitless possibilities as to who can benefit from wearing the Flex-A-Tee®️ including people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cerebral Palsy (CP), dementia, a frozen shoulder, after a stroke, or breast surgery.   

We attempt to have a low impact by being plastic free and carbon neutral.

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